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New Launching

Boraste’s ADITI Branded ECO600 DELUXE-2 is one of the best air assisted sprayer assembled in INDIA with world class Italian technology. It is widely used in multiple crops for spraying pesticides & insecticides in Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange, Mangoes, Guava, etc. This sprayer comes with the Double axial fans which are rotating in opposite direction which gives 100% balanced air on both side. (i.e. 1st fan rotates in clockwise direction and 2nd fan rotates in anti-clockwise direction). The sprayer tank is made up of 3 different tanks with different purpose- such as main tank of 600 litre with dual water tube level indicator capacity, system washing tank of 70 liter & hand wash tank of 10 liter. This sprayer comes with 73 LPM Diaphragm pump, Italian Spray adjustable Nozzle, Agitating device for stirring of pesticides inside the tank, Italian Wide angle PTO Shaft, Italian 2+N Speed heavy duty gearbox, Height adjustable axle, 6-way adjustable Italian brass controller which gives accurate delivery of chemical while spraying with accurate pressure guage meter. For less turning radius there is a provision of 3 axis folding tow bar which gives the lowest turning radius for turning in the low-spacing vineyards. This sprayer comes with the hot dip galvanized chassis for long life and prevention from rusting.

Our Products

Spraying Units (Boom-Sprayer)

Spraying unit is without any kind of fan...

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High Volume Mist Blower(Eco Series)

Hot dip galvanised chassis, capable to fight against corrosion...

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High Volume Mist Blowers(Std Series)

Mist Blowers removes unnecessary dew on leaves...

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Low Volume Sprayer

LOW VOLUME SPRAYER machine a new product from a renowned Italian company...

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Slurry Units

Slurry Units are useful for giving slurry to all horticultural crops at their roots...

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Mini Tractor Trolleys

At the time of harvesting,these trolleys are useful to do transport of grapes...

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Cultivators are used in all horticultural & other farming / gardens like grapes...

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Reidgers are used in all Horticultural & other farming / gardens like grapes...

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Horrows are used in all Horticultural & other farming / gardens like grapes...

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Bed Maker

Bed makers are used in Agro farming like onions, for capsicum in poly houses...

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Plough are widely used in agricultural farming / horticultural farming...

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 Powder Duster

Powder Duster

Agricultural duster for conventional, biological and integrated treatments with sulphur powder and/or other single or premixed powder products

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About Us

We Boraste Agro Implements & Allied Industry are the leading manufacturer of tractor operated agricultural implements & machineries (sprayers) from last 30 years under the brand name Boraste’s ADITI. That are high quality, sturdy, long lasting and easy to use for spraying units, blowers, slurry units, weed killing sprayer etc. We have always believed in innovative and progressive research and development, due to which we have been able to design and produce new farming tools, which enable farmers to maximize the productivity of their land.

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Chairman's Message

Ramesh Boraste

Dear Farmer friends.

I am very happy to be presenting this information on website of Boraste's ADITI branded products to you. We established Boraste Agro Implements and Allied Industry in 1991, to manufacture modern and innovative agricultural implements/equipments under the Maharashtra small scale enterprise sector. I am an engineering graduate and the son of a hardworking farmer myself.

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BL-F-SSC-10BL customer reviews

Mr. Anand Tidke

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Eco600 customer reviews

Dr.Mahendra Aher from Kalvan, Nashik.

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Why to choose Boraste's ADITI Branded Sprayers & Implements?

Uniform Coverage

Due to balanced air on both side & proper dividation of air sprayer gives uniform coverage which provides best crop protection & gives best quality of crop

Time & Labour saving

Boraste’s ADITI Branded sprayers & other Implements are manufactured to reduce the dependency on labour which also helps to save time & money of the farmer by reducing the manual work.

Customized Sprayers & Implements

We are committed to give robust & Durable Sprayers & Implements as per the customer’s / farmers / clients requirement. We put the needs of our customers at the centre of everything.

We have tailor made solutions specially suitable for Horticulture, Vineyards & Orchards.

Doorstep Service

Our companies trained service team provides you the doorstep service to install the sprayer.

Advance Technology

- We are committed to give best quality & advanced technology of sprayer & Implements because agriculture is constantly evolving and so are our machines.

After sales service

Our Company gives after sales service & Spare parts at your doorstep

Pan India Presence

We have Pan India presence to give best quality at the most competitive price for all kind of horticulture farmers & After sales service as well.

FMTIC Tested & Approved

Our ADITI Branded Quality products are tested from Farm Machinery Testing & Inspection Centre INDIA to give Standard & Government approved Products to our customers.

Subsidy Available

Central government subsidy is available for our products in most of the states of INDIA


Company holds 30+ Years of experience in this field by giving innovative sprayers & Implements to protect agriculture plants & crops with the help of technical & practical knowledge


Quality Assurance

We have been following stringent quality measures since our inception in order to maintain international quality standards in our manufactured and traded range of agricultural equipment. The quality controllers at our premises are well aware of the changing market trends and assure the clients regarding the efficacy of the offered range. As per the quality policy, we ensure the following:

  • Stringent checking of the raw material as well as the final products
  • Regular training for the employed professionals
  • Regular up gradation of the installed machines
  • Safe storage and packaging of the range