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We are manufacturing the Boraste's ADITI Branded tanks in 200 300 400 500 600 800 and 1000 liter capacity, from plastic raw material. That are high quality, sturdy, long lasting and easy to use for spraying units, blowers, slurry units, weed killing sprayer etc. We have always believed in innovative and progressive research and development, due to which we have been able to design and produce new farming tools, which enable farmers to maximize the productivity of their land. We feel immense satisfaction in providing farmers with a wide variety and different capacities / sizes of equipments such as MilibigGuns, Cultivators, Ploughs, Harrows. Its has not been an overnight miracle to produce this series of tools. I would like to humble state that this is the fruit of 26 years (1991 to 2017) of unwavering dedication. It was not easy to come this far and the way was not straight. There were hurdles; there were obstacles at every turn. And even now, the way ahead is not going to be a cakewalk either. We are well aware of this. But we are equally determined to forge ahead with our commitment to innovation and progress.

The needs of the farming sector have increased exponentially over the past years. It is difficult to find laboures for farming work. Nowadays the sector has expanded but simultaneously, there is a shortage in manpower and is availability. A lot of towns and villages in rural areas have to face power cuts as well. Therefore, farmers todays have no choice but to turn to machines/industrialization. It is the need of the time to modernize farming practices by industrialization. It was to address this gap that we established Boraste's Agro implements and allied industry.


BORASTE AGRO is committed to Design & Manufacturing the Robust & Durable Agro Implements & Machinery for Horticultural farming sector with competitive Price & minimum delivery period to the Farmers.