Product Video

BL-R-6A for Pomegranate

Boraste'sw ADITI mist blower for pomegranate garden

BL-F-5A Mist Blower

Mist Blower for grapes and pomegranates

Nobili ventis low volume sprayer(on 15HP tractor)

Italian company Nobili's Ventis low volume sprayer available at Boraste agro implements and allied industry pimpalgaon baswant,Nashik

Automatic Slurry Unit

Automatic Slurry Unit of Agriculture Purpose

Eco600 plus

Mist blower for agriculture spraying. useful for grape, pomegranate, mango farms. various types of models are available.

ECO600 Plus night spray

Boraste agro implements & allied industry ECO600 Plus full coverage

Nobili ventis low volume sprayer

Nobili ventis low volume sprayer full coverage