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High Volume Mist Blower - Std series

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Tractor Operated Air Assisted Sprayer

Also known as Air Blast Sprayer / Blower / Mechanical Sprayer / Mist blower / Vineyard Sprayer / Orchard sprayer

This sprayer comes with the 600-liter tank capacity & front air suction 610mm diameter fan unit which is specially used for Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange, Mango, Apple, Guava, Custard Apple, Lychee etc.


1) 600Ltr. Aditi Branded Heavy duty LLDPE Tank
2) Aditi Branded front Air Suction SSC Fan Unit
3) 600 mm Aditi Branded Adjustable Aluminium Axial Fan
4) Aditi Branded Standard 1" Suction Screen Filter
5) Aditi Branded 4-Way Stainless Steel Controller with manual Ball Valves
6) Aditi Branded Fine Filtration Top Lid Screen for avoiding large particles of pesticides
7) Italian Braglia Branded Brass Agitating Device for mixing purpose
8) Suitable for 24Hp & above all types of Tractors
9) Minium Fuel Consumption
10) Accurate Coverage with 100?curacy
11) Spray Painted Chassis.

1) To do pesticide spraying to Grape gardens & all other Horticulture farms, & it is driven by any tractors.
2) We can change height of spray nozzles by changing fan casing height, so that we can make spray in any kind of Grape gardens very easily.
3) To remove unnecessary dew on leaves.

1) Saves the time, labour, money than conventional systems & sprayers

2) Uniform Coverage

3) Minimum fuel consumption

4) Suitable for multi-crops

5) Available in various models, suitable to farmers garden size & tractor capacity.

6) We can change air flow in required direction by making change in direction of deflectors.

7) All products are sturdy for giving long life service.

8) Available in very reasonable cost with compared to imported one.

9) Our Special axial fans having the facility of changing the degree of blades to minimise or to increase the airflow as per the requirement subject to the load on tractor.

10) By this sprayer we can do the spray of GA, CPPU with the help of Special Nozzles.

11) As per the customer's requirement we can do the customisation in the sprayer subject to the Technical details & extra cost.

12) Company has reserved the rights of changing the design & dimensions without any prior information, at any time.

13) For better life of such machines, company has recommended that, to do cleaning, oiling & greasing regularly in the frequency of 8-15 days.

1) Before starting Blower, in fan casing, near fan, at joint, at pump & belts, cocks checking & careful observation is recommended, whether any wooden sticks or small stones are there or not. If yes, then remove it & then start tractor to run Blower.

2) Do greasing to all bearings in the frequency of 15 days.

3) Cleaning the tank from inside and outside after use is recommended.

4) Clean main suction and line filters with the mesh after every use.

5) Always use tank top lid screen for filling the water, chemicals & solutions in the tank.

6) Check pump oil level regularly.

7) Take care of pressure gauge from any damage.

8) Check that the Pump & Fan belts are tight evenly & properly.

9) Check that the nozzles are properly attached to boom pipes.

10) Check whether PTO joint / rotory joints are connected / engaged properly. (Lock pins should be locked on both sides i.e. to the tractor PTO & Pump PTO)