Model No

PL1T-KBT (1 Teeth)

Model No

PL1T-KBT (1 Teeth)


Terms & Conditions:
Above MRP is valid for the period of 1 year only (i.e from 20 August 2022 to 19 August 2023)
1.Above MRP is valid for Maharashtra state only.
2.Company has reserved the rights to do the technical, commercial, legal changes whenever required, without any prior intimation
3.Legal, commercial, technical terms & conditions will be applicable.

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Agriculture 1 Teeth Plough for KBT Tractor

1) Used for loosening the soil before sowing seed or planting.
2) Can connect to Kubota tractor.
3)  Increase the white roots by ploughing near grapes stem.
4) This plough can do digging upto width = 11" and depth = 6"

1) Plough are widely used in Agricultural / Horticultural 

farming like Grapes, Pomogranates etc. Plough are used to cut the roots of grapes well, which is required to cut it once in a year.
2) Plough is used initially for soil preparation. The benefits of ploughing land is to turn over the top surface of the earth.
3) It also uproots weeds growing near the crops, thereby making the soil more porous than earlier for later planting.

1) Low maintenance.

2) Wide applicability & uses.
3) Increase the white roots by ploughing near grapes stem.
4)This Plough can connect to Kubota 24 HP tractor.
5) These Plough are used in Horticultural farming.
6) We can manufacture & do necessary changes as per customers requirements, subject to extra cost.
7) Company has reserved rights of changing the design & dimensions without any prior information, at any time.