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Mini Tractor Trolleys / Trailer

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4 wheel trolley having 2 Ton capacity



1) Heavy Duty, Study & Robust products
2) Easy to connect to all Tractors & Jeeps
3) This trolley can driven by tractor, Mitsubishi, HMT, Misty Orchard, Swaraj Orchard, Kubota 24 & other many
4) Recommended to use the trolley up to the capacity only
5) Company has reserved the rights of changing design & dimensions without any prior information at any time


1) At the time of Harvesting, these trolleys are useful to do transport of Grapes, Pomogranates, Sweet Lemons, Oranges, Mangoes, Banana, Coconuts, Sapota, Cottons from Agri gardens to packing house.

2) To do transport of Cow-dung fertilizer in Horticulture farms storage to crop root zone.

3) Useful to do transport of soil, murum, sand in horticultural farm.

1) Saves the labour cost, saves the time.

2) Reduces the wastage of cow-dung.

3) Userfriendly product.

4) Heavy duty & stury, Robust product.

5) Can uplift on the place with the help of hand operated tipping system.

6) Easy to connect for all tractors and jeep.

7) These trolleys can driven by tractors - Mitsubishi, HMT, Massey orchard, Swaraj orchard, Kubota 24 & many others.

8) These trolleys are used in Agricultural / Horticultural farming only.

9) Recommended to use the Trolleys upto the capacity only.

10) Company has reserved the rights of changing the design & dimensions without any prior information, at any time.