Model No

Low Volume Sprayer

Model No

Low Volume Sprayer

Model No

Low Volume Sprayer

Low Volume Sprayer

Terms & Conditions:
Above MRP is valid for the period of 1 year only (i.e from 20 August 2022 to 19 August 2023)
1.Above MRP is valid for Maharashtra state only.
2.Company has reserved the rights to do the technical, commercial, legal changes whenever required, without any prior intimation
3.Legal, commercial, technical terms & conditions will be applicable.

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Pneumatic trailed sprayer of very compact size, specifically designed for small tractors. It can be operated also from 24 HP tractors. Equipped with an high efficiency centrifugal fan, it creates an air flow able to ensure an excellent micronization of droplets and the proper spraying penetration also in thick vegetation.

Available with a 200 liters tank, fully independent and adjustable outlets and a centrifugal brass pump (80 l/min).
This low volume sprayer is the perfect solution for precision spraying (hormones and ripening treatments), also in the most difficult situations when bigger machines would require too much power.

1) Product with Italian Technology

2)Wide Angle PTO shaft available on demand

3) For GA application & other pesticides

4) Minimum noise

5) All spray coverage

6) Can easily turn between rows

7) Spray can adjust finger by finger

8) Brass Pump

9) Machine wheels moves on tractor wheels path

10) PE Tank

11) Sufficient ground clearance

12) Gear box with oil to fan

13) Run on 24 HP & more HP Tractor » Light weight & compact

1) To do pesticide spraying to Grape gardens & all other Horticulture farms, & it is driven by any tractors.
2) We can change height of spray nozzles by changing fan casing height, so that we can make spray in any kind of Grape gardens very easily.
3) To remove unnecessary dew on leaves.

1) Saves the time, labour, money than conventional systems.

2) Available in various models, suitable to farmers garden size & tractor capacity.
3) We can change air flow in required direction by making change in direction of deflectors.
4) All products are having heavy duty & sturdy for giving long life service.
5) Available in very reasonable costs with compared to imported one.
6) Aluminium fans having the facility of changing the degree of blades to minimise or to increase 
air flow respectively load on tractor. It can be done manually with the help of allen spanner / key.
7) If necessary by this Mist Blower we can spray GA, CPPU with the help of ATR Italian Nozzles.
8) All above products (units) are suitable to tractor (Mitsubishi, HMT, Massey orchard, Swaraj orchard,
Bajaj tempo orchard, Kubota 24, Mahindra Yuvraj.
9) We can manufacture & do necessary changes as per the customers requirements subject to extra reasonable cost.
10) Company has reserved the rights of changing the design & dimensions without any prior 
information, at any time.
11) For better life of such machines, company has recommended that, to do cleaning, oiling & greasing
regularly in the frequency of 8-15 days.